A window to the future.

Regarded by many as ‘the world’s most hi-tech bin’, Bigbelly’s leading smart waste and recycling system has gained a global following and represents the next generation of waste collection in urban environments.

The CLEAN Management Console is the centrepiece of the system, which enables Bigbelly to gather, consolidate and analyse data from its smart collection stations, providing real-time fleet status, alerts and reports.

This allows customers to generate a concise, up-to-theminute view of their entire waste and recycling footprint.

Bigbelly Double Unit

An easy to use cloudbased dashboard provides immediate access to operational status and fullness levels, which enables customers to become more responsive by better planning collection frequencies and establishing the most efficient collection routes.

Bigbelly’s CLEAN Mobile App enables customers and waste collection operatives to manage their fleet from any smart phone or tablet. When a station is full and ready to be emptied, it simply lets the collection team know.

A solar powered system

In addition to efficiencies created through fill-level monitoring and route optimisation, Bigbelly’s solar compaction technology increases its collection capacity up to 808 litres when full, further reducing collection frequencies and therefore the operational cost of waste collection, vehicle movements and carbon emissions.

A Solar Powered System