A new era of waste collection has arrived

The next generation of waste collection is here.

Technological advancement and its integration with the waste sector means that local governments and private sector companies can now be more efficient when it comes to waste collections.

Forewarned is forearmed

Egbert Taylor Group provides the products in which to containerise waste and the technological framework that enables customers to make smarter collections.

A new era of waste collection has arrived

Through fill-level monitoring and dynamic route management Egbert Taylor Group’s customers and partners now have 24/7 access to real-time data relating to their entire waste bin fleet.

Having real-time visibility of an entire fleet of bins enables collections to be made only when necessary.

Intelligent collections. Cleaner streets.

Intelligent management reduces the operational cost of waste collection. With Egbert Taylor Group’s waste technology platform our customers can:

Intelligent collections. Cleaner streets.

Be smarter.
Only empty bins when they need emptying and reinvest the time and cost saved into other frontline services;

Be cleaner.
No more overfull bins, no more risk of vermin;

Be greener.
Boost environmental performance by making fewer waste collections and generating less carbon emissions;

Be safer.
Limit heavy vehicle movements to only those necessary.