Small solutions to big challenges.

As the first company to introduce the Minimax container for the door-to-door collection of waste in Italy – a product that has since become industry standard in Italy and the UK – Mattiussi Ecologia has become renowned for its ability to develop and create innovative sorted-waste collection systems and containers.

With a truly international following that covers 33 countries worldwide and an award-winning reputation for producing food scraps kitchen caddies, indoor pre-sorting containers and outdoor recycling containers, Mattiussi Ecologia’s success is built around five key values:

Mattiussi Minimax

  • An on-going commitment to new product development;
  • Exceptional product engineering;
  • A rigorous testing and inspection programme;
  • A commitment to cooperative design and precision moulding;
  • Producing sustainable products using sustainable techniques.

World-class manufacturing, sustainable processes.

In a world where the waste of today is regarded as a resource for tomorrow, Mattiussi Ecologia has recognised that the process of manufacturing its products must be as sustainable as the products themselves.

This determination to place sustainability at its very core is what lies behind Mattiussi Ecologia’s international certifications, which include ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008.

BIOX Double

Longstanding heritage, iconic design.

Like Egbert Taylor, Mattiussi Ecologia has spent decades building a legacy for designing and manufacturing iconic and globally recognised products.

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