Manage your hazardous waste.

Safe disposal of the hazardous wastes produced within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries is essential to prevent harm to the environment and employees. Under the Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005), any waste classed as hazardous must be handled responsibly as part of a company’s duty of care.

As well as general mixed waste, typical waste streams produced from chemical industries can include hazardous waste such as solvents, used processing aids and wash waters.

From sorting raw materials for recycling to hazardous wastes such as oils and contaminated materials in need of storage before external disposal, Egbert Taylor Group offers a complete solution across the sector, helping you remain compliant and safe.

Ensure compliance.

Whether solid or liquid, Egbert Taylor Group has a range of solutions such as the essential WasteSafe to enable the safe collection and disposal of hazardous waste; helping you remain compliant.

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