The problem: Excessive food waste.

Ensuring the correct recycling of food waste is becoming a priority for local authorities in the UK. As of May 2011, 47% of local authorities in the UK were providing a food waste collection service to householders and an increasing number are looking to collect food waste from small businesses and schools.

However, despite the estimated 10 million tonnes of post-farm gate food waste thrown out across the UK every year, only 1.8 million tonnes is currently recycled.

The incorporation of food waste bins and liners into a food recycling campaign for a leading UK local authority has aided towards the overall 30% increase in food waste recycling in the first seven months when compared to the same period the previous year.

Egbert Taylor Group’s exclusive supply of Mattiussi’s high quality sorted-waste collection systems and containers within the UK builds upon our goal of creating innovative solutions to meet the complex challenges of today.

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